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Celebrate Small Wins

Hey Believers! This week we're going to be talking about this instagram post:

So far we've talked about making SMART goals and making sure that we're setting big goals but we're taking small steps. Today, I want to talk to you about celebrating your wins.

Along this process I want us to recognize that we're making progress and the way to do that is to acknowledge that every step forward is another step of progress being made toward the bigger goal that we have set.

We need to recognize these steps so that we can borrow confidence from our success and apply it to tackle whatever big projects that we have coming next. When we accomplish a task and we take a moment to recognize that we've accomplished something, that we've done something significant, something that we haven't done before, and allow ourselves to be proud of ourselves for being able to follow through on the commitment to ourselves, we set the stage for future success.

Personally, I am constantly using the confidence from being able to keep promises to myself so that I can accomplish a new goal, whatever the next goal is which helps me to keep momentum. A lot of the time again we can get caught up in the things that aren't happening but, using this life hack is important for us to recognize the things that that are currently in progress, keeping our big picture in focus.

This is my encouragement to keep track of your progress. Daily notice and recognize yourself and the things that you've accomplished. Use the confidence from those accomplishments to propel you into the next goal, to the next step and into the next day.

I want you to remember to Be Great and to stay humble and I'll see you guys next time.

and to stay humble and I'll see you guys next time

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