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A Thought on Vulnerability

I was conditioned to believe that vulnerability was weakness. That any portrayal of anything less than perfection was a display of mediocrity. One of the things that I’ve been working on in therapy is releasing myself of the idea that I can’t both be strong and soft. And in the deconstruction of my faith during the rebuilding of my relationship with God, self- confidence, while building, my business - which often, in a lot of regards feels like rebuilding my life, I have a lot of days where I am sad and frustrated because who I show up as (here) isn’t always who I am in the moment. This process has taken a few years now. And some days it is really discouraging. Which is why I’m so adamant about my weekend break from social media why I’m so protective of my downtime. Because I’ve learned to honor myself and love myself enough to take care of myself and to recognize when I’m not OK. So that I can be OK. And I promise I’m OK now. But I wanted to share that this entrepreneur journey is not all roses and good times. Sometimes I think it be easier if I gave up but not really because I’d be miserable because I gave up (LOL)and I struggle to be more open about the bad parts because I was conditioned to never share those things. But, as I prepare to conquer this week I just want to encourage someone who may have ever felt the same way: It’s OK to just exist in your body. To be present in this moment whatever this moment may mean. Feel the pain, the hurt, the happy, the joy, the whatever it is. Allow yourself to feel it and be grateful for it and build on those moments. And that’s the sage advice I have for you today LOL. I hope you guys have a fantastic week. From your favorite life coach, Enigma


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