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Hey Believers!

Highly and Humbly NYC presents: Hey Believer! the online community that fosters healthy dialogue surrounding the deconstruction of Christianity while maintaining a deep connection to your faith.

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As Believers, we believe that questioning, exploring, and challenging beliefs can lead to a stronger, more authentic faith. Our platform provides a safe and inclusive space for individuals who remain Christians but seek to deconstruct and reconstruct their understanding of Christianity.

  • Benefits of Joining:

    • Engage in Constructive Conversations: Connect with like-minded individuals who value respectful and open-minded dialogue, creating an atmosphere of growth and understanding.

    • Challenge Your Beliefs: Explore thought-provoking perspectives and challenge deeply ingrained beliefs, expanding your knowledge and enriching your spiritual journey.

    • Embrace Diverse Ideas: Encounter a diverse range of viewpoints, fostering empathy, compassion, and a broader understanding of Christianity's complexities.

    • Find Supportive Community: Connect with fellow travelers on the path of deconstruction and reconstruction, forming meaningful connections and finding support in your faith journey.

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