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Stay SMART, Start Strong

Whatever kind of life you are building, I can assure you that planning is an essential part of that.

Have you ever heard of the SMART acronym? One way to be successful when planning your goals, is to make sure that they are:






What do these words mean?

To make a goal specific is to make sure that you know why you're setting a goal and why this goal is important to you. It also helps to know what are the important steps towards meeting the goal.

When your goal is measurable, you've determined how you're going to measure how you've reached the goal you've set. You have quantified the goal properly and have created benchmarks that indicate how you're achieving each step.

To make a goal achievable, you want to make sure that the goal is something that you want to do. That the goal you're setting is something that excites you and that is something that you have the tools and the skills to attain or that you can access the the tools or skills necessary to achieve it.

When your goal is relevant, you're goal is important to you your overall personal goals and your overall professional goals. Remember you are not just pulling goals out of the air. You are making sure that the goal is important to you and that your goal is something is on the path to your overall dreams and aspirations.

Lastly, a time based goal has a specific time that you're going to start, and a specific time that you're going to end. This ensures that you have an understanding of when you know that you've reached the end of your goal.

The quickest way to give a very relevant example to anybody who's trying to understand how to apply these goals, is to give the example of fitness.

If you're going to set a smart goal regarding your fitness, or even your health, you're going to say, "I want to work out."

Okay, we can see that this is a very broad statement. Let's make it more specific:

"My goal is to be healthier in your body and to feel effects of having a healthier body."

Next, how are you going to measure this goal? Let's say that you're going to measure your goal by working out working out and eating healthier.

How many times a week are you working out? How long are your workouts? What meals are you creating to support your healthier eating? Do you have a weight goal?

How do we make this achievable? Do you have access to equipment? Do you have space in your home to work out? Do you have access to space that you can use to work out? Do you have the tools that you that you need in order to be able to successfully carry out a fitness plan?

Is it relevant to your life and your overall goals? I would say yes, because health is wealth. Finally, how can we make sure that we have created a time based goal? Are you going to start today? Are you going to end in six months from today? How often will you check your progress?

You want to be as specific as possible when goal setting. This will help you to actually accomplishing your goals. Often, we'll set goals and we say we set the goal - it may even be a good goal - something that we actually want to do, but we don't actually put the steps in that are necessary to accomplish them.

Using the SMART goal setting method is a way to set goals that allows for you to sit down and make a plan of action. Ensuring that you can execute your plans step by step. Let me help you be great! Book a Life Coaching session with Coach Enigma today!

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