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Talk Nice to Me

I am my own worst critic. Whenever I sit down and list all of the things "I am" and "I am not", I always forget to write in the "I am" column. It's so much easier to view someone else's gifts and talents. It's always easier to see the kindness and caring in those around me. The trouble with me, is that I live with me. For every one of my good qualities I can name two faults.

Have you every seen the meme/quote on social media that says, "Don't compare your life to other people's highlight reels"? It's a statement based off the idea that most people only show the good and positive sides of themselves to other people. You only ever see what they want you to see, which isn't all the time who they really are.

So whenever I am making my list of who I am and who I'm not, I am always comparing it to the highlight reels of everyone else's lives. I'm not as kind as_________. I don't have as much money as ___________. I am not as organized as ____________. So it's no wonder I'm always coming up short. I can't possibly ever add up to all of the good in everyone else.

I've been teaching myself to talk kind to myself. I need to celebrate all my victories, just as well as I highlight all of my flaws. The best way to do this is to take it day by day.

I've begun to set small personal goals for myself. Today I will be more kind. Today I will stick to my budget. Today I will eat 3 servings of vegetables. Today I will eat no starch. Today I will drink 4 bottles of water. I will give myself a point for every task I complete and take away two points for every negative thought about myself.

At first, I am fully expecting to remain in the negatives for the first couple days, but once I get in the habit of positively reenforcing myself, I will be working harder to improve my own highlight reel so I will be less inclined to pause to look at everyone else's.

So I say (write) aloud: I am beautiful. I am kind. I am smart. I am capable. I am loved. I have the capacity to love others. I am disciplined. I am an entrepreneur. I am a blogger and freelance writer. I am a good sister. I am a good friend. I am a good daughter. I am creative. I am a singer/songwriter. I am a novelist.

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I am a Christian. I am a good teacher. God is with me. I am forgiven. Where I am, is only temporary. I do not have to stay in the state I am in, although I have learned to be content in it. (See Contentment Post).

I'm just out here trying to be great in God's eyes and I pray that in the process I can bless someone else.

Let's do this together! For the next 7 days keep track of how kind you are to your self. Deduct points when you talk down to yourself. Try your very best to remain in the positives all week.

Feel free to share your journey! #Kindly&humbly

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