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For a long time I identified as


Nobody important

Nobody special

Nobody significant

When I looked around me I felt so out of place

with the greatness that surrounded me

Sure I could write

but not as good as her

Of course I can sing

But nothing like him

I'm not ugly

But I might as well be when

I stand next to her

My inner dialogue was not limited to my thoughts

It was evident in my prayers

God make me better

So that I'm worthy of the company I keep


It's worth saying

that the manifestation of God's hand in our lives

is subject to

the conditions of our blessing

Which is to say, that if God requires fasting and praying as a discipline

to prepare our hearts for what He lovingly has prepared for us

Then we can not expect to acquire this blessing

without first following obedience

Which more than most anything else

equals to our willingness to be obedient to

His Word)

So if God has called me victorious

If He has declared that He will complete every work He's begun in me

And the gift of His Spirit that dwells within me

is decidedly Greater

Than who am I to decide otherwise?

To know God

is to love God

is to obey God

in all things

To walk in God's calling is to accept that I am

adopted into royalty

and the character of who God's chosen

are called to.


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