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A Christian Cliché

I don't want to be a Christian cliché

toting my Bible in my arms

with a ready posture to beat into submission

anyone who behaves contrary to

my interpretation of believer

while nursing bitterness brewed by

dreams deferred

because my religion ruined my relationship

with God my Creator

and I've been living like

I can earn points into heaven

I haven't made the grace connection

That Christ already paid it all

If only I would let Him brace my falls

And when you ask me what church I go to

you might as well have asked me what set I rep

because my loyalty to the four walls

supersedes my loyalty to the God I say I serve

lip service

is all I know

which is why my faith is all confused

I have a better time quoting today's horoscope

than I do describing the character of the God who loves me

and gave me a book of cheat codes to this life

so that I don't actually have to live a life of strife

in constant enmity with cross I represent

because I haven't realized the the truth of it

I don't want to go to church my whole life

and miss the whole point

Peace with God

Peace in God

and the oversimplification that has already saved my life

if I could only walk in it

That love is King

And everything God has already done

and called me to

points to that very thing

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