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Enigma the Author

If the first time you met me, it was in person you either know me as Samantha or Sam. ⠀

If our only interactions have been through this blog, I would honestly love to know what made you click onto this website.⠀

Either way, one of the top FAQ's about my instagram name and online persona is:⠀

Why Enigma? Why Enigma the Author?⠀

As I began my journey into blogging and eventually entrepreneurship, it was important to me to separate who I was, in the same way becoming a business entity creates a being separate from it's protect myself.⠀

I wanted the Christian Lifestyle Brand to be inspired by my life, but it was important to me that I didn't define myself by the success or failure of the brand and the business. ⠀

I created this persona as a way to not take whatever happened so personally, but if you are and entrepreneur or more specifically a solo-preneur, that is virtually impossible.⠀

Yet almost 4 years later, I've built this very small following and I've kept the name.


An Enigma is: a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.⠀

I believe as beings made in the image of God our Father, as believers, as followers of the faith, we are often misunderstood. ⠀

Not only does the world categorize us singularly, we hold ourselves to impossible standards that don't meet the realities of our faith walk. ⠀

My goal has always been to help to articulate these struggles and build a community behind the reality of faith, particularly as a young urban Christian.⠀

So while the reason behind the pen name has faded, the meaning of it still stands.⠀

Christians, real, true followers of the faith are a mystery even to themselves and what does that look like? As an author I do my best to work this out in the blogs (and now vlogs) so that it can encourage some one else to know that they are not alone.⠀

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