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Colliding with Destiny

Sarah Jakes, "Colliding with Destiny" is a natural and spiritual introspection. It guides you to a place to properly investigate your current and your past decisions.

Jakes effortlessly helps the reader become aware of their place in their purpose. Are you operating in your purpose correctly? Or are you stagnant? You'll know where you stand after you've read this book.

You will gain so much insight reading this profound text. Every chapter concludes with real life questions for you to answer and a prayer for the specific topic covered. This book guides you as you face yourself and correct yourself.

Jakes provides relatable experiences that actually make you ponder and inspire you to correct anything that will prevent you from colliding with your destiny successfully. 

Perhaps you're struggling conquering the mistakes of your past. You may feel inadequate because you're struggling to overcome the pain of the past and it's preventing you from being your true self, this book is for you!

It's time out for living just to live. It's time for us to walk in purpose and collide with destiny. This book provides the vital tools you'll need to successfully walk. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Happy reading! 


Tanisha Thompson believes that mental & emotional well-being is intertwined & established in self worth. She knows that we're living in an epidemic of self doubt & loss of self worth and has made it her mission to help young girls and women convert self doubt to self love. 📷️

Tanisha founded Elle Est with the knowledge that women are deluged with what she’s NOT daily. She works every day to help every woman she connects with to love & appreciate who SHE IS. Elle Est. exists to inspire young women to be able to actually see true beauty within themselves and promote that in others. Everyday Elle Est. aims to make sure that young women everywhere are aware of & comfortable with who & what they are!

Elle Est French translation for SHE IS #GirlYouAreSoWorth

Connect with Elle Est. on Instagram: Elle Est. and Facebook: Elle Est.

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