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Be Consistent

I want so badly. I ache with want. Mostly because I want to be better. A better Christian. A better writer. A better sister. A better friend. A better daughter. The weight of the disparities between who I am now and who I long to be burden me greatly, daily. It's the consistency of progression that eludes me.

Life happens simultaneously. We exist simultaneously. Which for me, a person who has practiced compartmentalizing their life as an art, puts unnecessary stress on my psyche. I don't stop being a Christian to function as a writer. I don't stop being a sister to be a better friend. My friendships don't dissipate when I am interacting with my mother. To think that I have to be perfect or "complete" in one aspect of my life in order to move on to improve another is in fact a ridiculous notion. Mostly because being better in relationships with people and improving my craft, speak more about my character than my inability to be perfect in one area of my life.

Which brings us back to this word: Consistency.

For the purposes of this point we'll define it dually as a steady pattern of behavior, as well as, a uniformity between the parts of a complex thing.

James 1:8 says, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." To compartmentalize those things that make up this singular person (myself) is to willfully submit to a sort of schizophrenia.

Hear me out.

To separate, or more specifically isolate, parts of yourself from yourself is to deem those parts incapable of coexisting peaceably with yourself.

Think of those internal things that you have separated within yourself, those things that you've decided don't work with the parts of you that you love the most.

Now think of how those things have been set aside (compartmentalized) and never addressed, inadvertently poisoning those characteristics and relationships that work.

Here's the suggested solution. Improve your character, improve the uniformity between the parts of the complex thing.

Began by practicing your best characteristics across all aspects of your life. For example, if the way you maintain healthy relationships is by being an excellent listener, than try listening better at work, or vice versa. Or if your super organized at work, but your house in a constant state of disarray, practice being organized everywhere. If you begin to integrate the best parts of you in all parts of your life, you will find that you won't constantly be switching or shifting from one moment to another. You will develop a synergy that will promote peace in your heart, mind, and soul.

Take a few moments and comment below one thing you will do today to promote synergy in your life.

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