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And We're Back

It's been almost three weeks since you've heard from me last. That's just about a lifetime in Internet years. Lately it's been amazing how quick time flies and how it only takes a moment to change your life.

I've been going through some internal struggles that, even though I am committed to this lifestyle blog, I'm just not ready to share as of yet. I promise to divulge the moment I can breathe through it a little better.

I'm not dying or anything, just growing ya know?

I'm sure you can relate to that period/s where who you are, where you're going and what you're becoming all converge into a single moment. A single decision. It is an incredibly powerful occurrence. So, even though I won't go into specifics right now, I definitely have learned somethings I'd like to share.

In these moments, your heart is clear on what it wants and where it wants to go. You should listen to it. Not to follow it necessarily, but to know yourself better, to know where you stand with yourself. If, "...where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matthew‬ ‭6:21‬ ‭KJV)‬‬ Your heart is the perfect place to find where your morals, love, and those things you hold most dear.

This is important because the right thing to do does not always feel good. Which means our hearts - more often than we'd like to admit - are contrary to what we should be doing. Paul says it best, “For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.” (Romans‬ ‭7:19‬ ‭KJV)‬‬ Hearing what your heart has to say helps you to understand who you are, which in turn shows you where you're weak or strong. Hearing your heart also shows you where to build your character and where to clean it. Human hearts are such fickle things. It's so easy to give into its every whim. It can be so satisfying. But then, how do you practice self control if you're a slave to the whimsical nature of your heart? How do you exercise wisdom relying solely on the yearnings of your ever changing desires? Almost all those things virtuous are contrary to basic human desire. As someone who follows Christ, my desire is to be more like Him; more virtuous, honest, kind at the very least. I can't do that always following my heart. As hard as it is to hear, following your heart and following Christ is not synonymous.

The best part is that it can be. You follow Christ so that the desires of your heart reflect His desires for your life and the internal conflicts become less frequent. This is fantastic news, since external conflict is never ending- or it feels that way at least. Having a heart like Christ's puts you in the perfect place to hear from Him clearer. It guides you to where you need to be to be used and Blessed by Him.

I don't know about you, but I long to surrender my trust to God our Father.

What better place to start than with a heart like His Son.

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