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5 Tips to Better Goal Setting

We all have goals that we would love to achieve at different stages in our lives. However, not all of us are able to accomplish them. Why is that?

We often find that we can’t achieve our goals, because there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Which means, more often than not, we don't see success in our goal setting because we have not set a pre-defined path to do so.

Below are five tips that we can all follow to set ourselves up for success when goal setting, which will allow us to work towards achieving our goals within the specified timeframe.

Tip #1: Choose Goals that are Valuable to YOU

Never set a goal because someone else asked you to. You should always set goals that help you improve personally and professionally because YOU believe that it's what's best for YOU. Ask yourself these questions when goal setting:

  • Will I become a better human being when I achieve this goal?

  • How will it improve my overall personality development?

  • Will this goal help me in finding my core competency?

These are some of the questions that you should think about when setting a goal, to be assured of 100% success while achieving them. When you set goals that add value to YOUR life and motivates YOU, you are more likely to work towards achieving them, because these goals are important to you.

Tip #2: Use the SMART Method

Mostly, there is ambiguity in our minds while setting goals and achieving them, because we didn’t care enough for the small details. This is why following the SMART system is very important while setting goals. Your goals need to be




Relevant and

Time-bound whether they are meant for personal or professional development. By following this technique, you are giving a defined structure to your goals and making them accurate, so that it becomes easy to achieve them.

Tip #3: One Step at a Time

While it is important to focus on the big picture when setting goals, it is equally important to travel this path one step at a time. When you have a huge goal staring at you with a specified time-frame hanging over it, it may look all too daunting and intimidating for you.

When you break down the big goal into several smaller goals, it helps you concentrate more on the task in front of you. This helps you conquer each goal with ease and confidence.

Tip #4: Write Down Your Goals

It may seem to be a simple tip, but it's actually the most important! Write down all your goals with their time-frame on a chart paper and pin it in your room, or in a journal that you write in daily so that you are constantly reminded of your goals, your progress and your path that is yet to be travelled.

Writing down your priorities on a daily basis will also help you in managing your time effectively as you can only focus on those tasks that are important.

(You can find journals and planners designed by us on Amazon: here.)

Tip #5: Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself

Setting goals and achieving them with 100% success rate is no mean task. You may not achieve 100% success in your first goal; however, you should never give up. Consistency is key. Acknowledge how far you've come, give yourself a back-pat and carry on with your next attempt with renewed focus and lots of takeaways from your first attempt. After all, life is a journey that deserves to be enjoyed, isn’t it?


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