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4 Characteristics Connecting Self-Discipline and Success

What is the consistent quality that you see in people you admire? Have you thought about this question any time in your journey to become more organized and goal-oriented? If yes, here is a quick cheat sheet for you: the answer is self-disciple. When you are disciplined, success is conditioned to knock on your door.

Self-discipline is a broader term that includes punctuality, prioritization, intentionality, focused, and other parallel characteristics . Here are four of the most common characteristics found in successful people:

Characteristic #1: Self-disciplined people are focused.

Having a single-minded focus and determination towards your goals is very important to succeed in life. Self-discipline is the quality which helps you have control over your behaviour and actions. Practicing prioritizing those tasks, habits and behaviors that align with your short term and long term goals is crucial when deciding to change your life to reflect your definition of success.

Igniting and fanning that fire within you to meet the short-term goals that act as stepping stones for the long-term goals and eventually attain success in life feels strange at first, but shifting your mindset is a process. Keeping your why in sight helps you not to fall victim to vices such as procrastination or laziness.

Characteristic #2: Self-disciplined people are also organized.

You can succeed in your personal and professional life when you practice the technique of prioritization. Prioritizing your tasks according to their importance and frequency can go a long way in making sure you're not spending your efforts in a place where they are not needed at all. Practice recognizing which tasks are important and unimportant in correlation to your short/long term goals. Also, writing down your daily goals and setting targets for each stage in your life will help provide you with the clarity you need to move forward confidently. Being intentional with your priorities ensures that you are less likely to waste your time, money, effort and other resources ion tasks that don’t help you reach your ultimate goals.

Characteristic #3: Self-disciplined people always see the big picture.

It takes a lot of courage, character and self-discipline to beat all the odds and carry on working with nothing but the drive to succeed. Waking up early, working for long hours, sacrificing and compromising on things that you love simultaneously exercising the most self-control you've ever had to before can be incredibly challenging. Having an eye on the big picture helps to encourage and motivate you when things feel particularly tough. Remember, there is no such thing as an overnight success. What appears to the world as overnight success is more often than not months and years of consistency done in private make itself known.

Characteristic #4: Self-disciplined people are committed.

When you practice self-discipline, you are doubling down on the commitment to the goals that you have set for yourself. You show yourself how to honour your commitments by prioritizing them over temporary and instant gratification. In this way, you build your resilience up through repetition and you learn from your mistakes, adjusting your actions accordingly. It's important that you're honest with yourself first when seeking to build a life that is founded on your passions, if you are going to be successful as defined by your goals.


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