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A Complicated Potter

Updated: Apr 12

The good here is merely an echo

Of the great we stress to borrow from 

I’ve heard us burn bitter

At the thought of a cruel Creator

Who pleasures himself with the cruelty we inflict

On ourselves and each other

Forgetting that our conclusions are just as shortsighted as

Our understanding is narrow

If the why only makes sense at the end

Why do we choose to live in the pain of the inbetween?

Why allow ourselves to be caught in a cycle of

Rage and righteous indignation in rebellion of

An outcome pre-scripted for our ultimate and all consuming joy

The truth we so desperately minimize into inconvenient and unforgiving flaws

Is that there is better love and better life than the one we have carved out of our limited understanding of 

How we define what it means to exist.

And even "better" is an adjective of limited capacity 

Used to attempt to describe

The reality of a love

Designed to confound us with its potency 

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